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Ranger Trails: Jobs of Adventure in America's Parks

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Exploring America’s Parks on the Web

Look for these symbols in front of the web site, it means that the site is especially good for:
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Air Quality Alaska Issues Alpine Environment Anasazi Culture Archeology Bears
Biosphere Reserves Climate Change/
Global Warming
Denali NP&P
Dinosaurs Forest Conservation  Conservation Sites
for Kids
Ocean Conservation Conservation Organizations-U.S.  Wildlife Conservation-Global  Earth Summit
Environmental News   Everglades Fire Ecology Government Agencies Government Sites
for Kids
Invasive Species 
National Parks Profiled in Ranger Trails Visitor Info - National Parks Outdoor Skills  Ranger Career Information Raptors  River Ecosystems
RS2477 Issues  Natural Science Subsistence Sustainable Development US History - Revolutionary War Volcanoes
Wilderness Issues World Heritage Sites-U.S. Yellowstone Coalition Yosemite


Air Quality

Alaska Issues

www.trustees.org  (Trustees for Alaska)


P, T  www.northern.org  (Northern Alaska ­Environmental Center)

Alpine Environment


Anasazi Culture

T, K  http://sipapu.gsu.edu

www.nps.gov/chcu  (Chaco Culture NHP)

www.nps.gov/hove  (Hovenweep NM)

www.nps.gov/nabr  (Natural Bridges NM)

www.nps.gov/wupa  (Wupatki NM)

www.nps.gov/nava   (Navajo NM)

www.nps.gov/moca  (Montezuma’s Castle NM)

www.nps.gov/cach  (Canyon de Chelly NM)

www.nps.gov/azru  (Aztec Ruins NM)


T, K  www.cr.nps.gov  (NPS links to the past)

www.saa.org  (Society, American Archeology)

www.swanet.org  (SW Archeology)

T  www.nationaltrust.org  (Historic Preservation)

 Bears                                                                                                                                                       GO BACK TO TOP OF PAGE
 K  www.bear.org  (North American Bear Center
 T, K  www.bearbiology.com  (International Association Bear Management. and Research)
 K  www.grizzlydiscoveryctr.com www.mountainnature.com/wildlife/bears  (Bear safety tips)
 www.usparks.about.com  click on best state parks, search for bear safety tips
 www.mountain-prairie.fws.gov  (US Fish & Wildlife Service)
 T, K  www.beardogs.org  (bear shepherding)

Biosphere Reserves

T  www.unesco.org/mab  (UN, Man and Biology Program)

T  www.mabnetamericas.org  (Biosphere Reserves, US)

Climate Change/Global Warming

T, K  www.arm.gov  (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement)

K, P, T  www.usgcrp.gov  (US Global Change Research Program)

T  http://yosemite.epa.gov/oar/globalwarming.nsf    

T  www.hdgc.epp.cmu.edu/teachersguide

K  www.onesky.umich.edu  click on projects (Kids as global scientists on biodiversity, climate)

T, K  www.epa.gov/globalwarming/kids

Denali NP&P Issues

P  www.denali.org  (Elderhostel)

P, T  www.dcc.org  (Denali Citizens Council)

P, T  www.denaliinstitute.org


T, K  www.search4dinosaurs.com

K, P, T  www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/dinosaurs

T, K  www.dinosauria.com

T, K  www.paleoportal.org

T, K  www.search.eb.com/dinosaurs

Forest Conservation

T, K  www.rainforest-alliance.org



www.cifor.cgiar.org  (Ctr. For Intern. Forestry ­Research)

www.iwokrama.org  (International Rain Forest Conservation)


Conservation Sites for Kids                                                                                                          GO BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

www.turner.com/planet  (Captain Planet ­Foundation)


www.kidsface.org  (Kids for a Clean Environment)

www.ran.org  click on rain forest heros (Rainforest Action Net)

www.nwf.org/kids  (National Wildlife Fed)

Ocean Conservation

T  www.sanctuaries.nos.noaa.gov

T, K  www.npca.org/marine_and_coastal/marine_wildlife

K, P, T  www.shiftingbaselines.org

K, P, T  www.turtles.org

K, P, T  www.cccturtle.org  (Caribbean Conservation Corps.)

T, K  www.orf.org  (Ocean Research Foundation)

K, P, T  www.seaweb.org

Conservation Organizations-U.S.


K, P, T  www.arcticdance.com  (Mardy Murie story)

P, T  www.muriecenter.org  (Mardy Murie ­center)

P, T  www.hcn.org  (Highcountry News)

P  www.nwf.org  (Nat. Wildlife Fed.)

P  www.npca.org  (Nat. Parks & Conservation Assn)

P  www.defenders.org  (Defenders of Wildlife)

P  www.sierraclub.org

(P) www.audubon.org

P  www.iwla.org  (Izaak Walton League)

K, P, T  www.railstotrails.org

P  www.earthshare.org

P  www.nature.org  (Nature Conservancy)

P  www.wwfus.org (World Wildlife Fund-U.S.)


Wetlands Conservation

P  www.ducks.org  (Ducks Unlimited)

http://users.erols.com/wetlandg  (Nat. Wetlands Conservation Alliance)



Wildlife Conservation-Global

www.wri.org (World Resources Inst.)

www.awf.org  (African Wildlife Found.)

T, K  www.conservation.org  (Conservation Int.)

P  www.earthjustice.org  (Natural Resources Defense Council)

T, K  www.biodiversityhotspots.org  (Center. For Applied Biodiversity Science)

T, K  http://mbgnet.mobot.org  (Biomes)

K, P, T  www.worldwildlife.or g (World Wildlife Fund)

www.panda.org (World Wildlife Fund)

K  www.pbs.org/nature

T, K  www.thewildones.org  (Wildlife Trust)

Earth Summit 2002





Environmental Education                                                                                                            GO BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

T  www.nrel.gov/education  (renewable ­energy)

T, K  www.idealist.com  (Action without ­Borders)

K  www.eduseek.com

T  www.eetap.org  (Environmental Education Training Partnership)

T, K  www.ditc-eef.org  (Environmental Ed. ­Foundation)

K, P, T  www.rprogress.org  (Redefining Progress)

T, K  www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/ecosystems

T  www.eelink.net  (NA Assn. For Environmental Ed.)

T, K  www.arkive.org

T, K  www.nmfs.noaa.gov/prot_res  (Nat. ­Marine Fisheries Protected Resources)

T  www.nps.gov/learn

T, K  www.nps.gov/akso/education  (Ed. ­Materials, Alaska)

T  www.eduweb.com  (Educational Web ­Adventures)

Environmental News

K, P, T  www.earthwatch.unep.net  (UN System­wide Earthwatch)

www.environment.about.com  (Environmental ­Issues)

http://news.fws.gov (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Svc.)


www.enn.com  (Environ. News Network)

www.nps.gov/morningreport  (NPS Ranger ­Morning Report)


K, P, T  www.evergladesplan.org


www.sofia.usgs.gov  (U.S. Geologic Survey)


P, T  www.sfwmd.gov  (South Florida Water Management District)

Fire Ecology 

T  www.fire-ecology.org

T, K  www.nps.gov/fire

T  www.nps.gov/fire/ecology

T  www.ttrs.org  (Tall Timbers Research Station)

T, K  www.blm.gov/education

Government Agencies

www.arm.gov (Atmospheric Radiation ­Measurement)

www.earthobservatory.nasa.gov  (Climate Change)

www.epa.gov/airnow  (Air Quality Index)

www.nps.gov  (Nat. Park Service)

www.epa.gov  (Environmental Protection Agency)

www.fws.gov  (Fish & Wildlife Svc.)

www.blm.gov  (Bureau of Land Mgmt.)

www.fs.fed.us  (Nat. Forest Svc.)

www.state.gov/g/oes  (Bureau of Oceans & Environment and Scientific Affairs)

www.usace.army.mil  (Army Corps of Engineers)

www.nmfs.noaa.gov  (Nat. Marine Fisheries Svc.)

www.doi.gov  (Dept. of Interior)

www.em.doe.gov  (Dept. of Energy, Office Environ. Mgmt)

www.serc.si.edu  (Smithsonian Environ. Research Center.)

www.usbr.gov  (Bureau of Reclamation

www.doi.gov.bureauindian-affairs.gov  (Bureau of Indian Affairs

www.mms.gov  (Minerals Management Service

www.osmre.gov  (Office of Surface Mining

www.usgs.gov  (U.S. Geological Survey)

www.usgcrp.gov  (U.S. Global Change Research Program)

www.nrel.gov  (National Renewable Energy ­Laboratory)

www.nsf.gov (National Science Foundation)

www.arm.gov  (Atmospheric Radiation ­Measurement)

Government Sites for Kids

www.nps.gov/webrangers  (Junior Rangers on the Web)

www.epa.gov/kids  (Environmental Protection Agency)

www.blm.gov/education  (Bureau of Land ­Management)

www.bensguide.gpo.gov  (Links to all ­government agencies with kid sites)

www.eere.energy.gov/kids  (Dept. of Energy)


www.fws.gov/endangered  (Endangered Species)

www.doi.gov/kids  (Dept. of Interior)


www.mms.gov/mmskids  (Minerals ­Management Service)

www.usgs.gov/education  (U.S. Geologic ­Survey)





www.fs.fed.us/spf/woodsy  (Forest Service)

www.americaslibrary.gov/cgi-bin/page.cgi  ­(Library of Congress)


www.geo.nsf.gov  (National Science Found.)


http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu  (Ground Water)

Invasive Species                                                                                                                                 GO BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

www.hear.org  (Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk ­Project)


National Parks Profiled in Ranger Trails 

www.nps.gov/grca   (Grand Canyon NP)

www.nps.gov/dino  (Dinosaur NM)

www.nps.gov/meve  (Mesa Verde NP)

www.nps.gov/inde  (Independence NHP)

www.nps.gov/havo  (Hawaii Volcanoes NP)

www.nps.gov/crla  (Crater Lake NP)

www.nps.gov/mora  (Mt. Rainier NP)

www.nps.gov/acad  (Acadia NP)

www.nps.gov/gaar   (Gates of the Arctic NP&P)

www.nps.gov/yell  (Yellowstone NP)

www.nps.gov/ever   (Everglades NP)

www.nps.gov/caha  (Cape Hatteras NS)

www.nps.gov/glac  (Glacier NP)

www.nps.gov/yose  (Yosemite NP)

www.nps.gov/dena   (Denali NP&P)

www.nps.gov/glca  (Glen Canyon NRA)


Visitor Information-National Parks

T, K  www.nationalparks.org

K, P, T  www.us-national-parks.net

P  www.americansouthwest.net

P  www.llbean.com/parksearch

P  www.sidecanyon.com

P  www.usparks.about.com

Outdoor Skills

www.nols.edu  (National Outdoor Leadership School)

K, P, T  www.Lnt.org  (Leave no Trace Principles)


Ranger Career Information

www.anpr.org  (Association National Park Rangers)

www.nps.gov/personnel  click on rangers

www.sep.nps.gov (Seasonal Park Rangers)

www.nps.gov/volunteer  (VIPs)

www.thesca.org  (Student Conservation Assn.)

www.fs.fed.us/people/volunteer/ycc  (Youth Conservation Corps)

www.eco.org   (Environmental Careers Org.)


www:interpnet.com  (National Association for Interpretation)


T, K  www.buteo.com

T, K  www.birds-of-prey.org

T  www.nbpc.co.uk

P, T  www.peregrinefund.org

K, P, T  www.hawkmountain.org

River Ecosystems                                                                                                                             GO BACK TO TOP OF PAGE

T  www.water-ed.org

T  www.americanrivers.org

P, T  www.glencanyon.org

RS2477 Issues

T  www.suwa.org  (Southern Utah Wilderness ­Alliance)

T  www.rs2477.com  (Highway Robbery ­Coalition)

Natural Science

T, K  www.earthsky.com (Science, astronomy education

T  www.exploratorium.edu  (Science ­museum)

T, K  www.earthobservatory.nasa.gov

T, K  www.greenfacts.org

T, K  www.studyworksonline.com

T  www.nsta.org  (National Science Teachers)

T  www.education.noaa.gov

T  www.learner.org  (Professional teacher ­development)

K P www.redjellyfish.com  (Environmentally responsible shopping)

T, K  www.scienceblog.com

K  www.riverdeep.net  (Kids natural sciences)

K, P, T  www.kidinfo.com (Educational reference resource)

T  www.enc.org  (K-12 math & science teacher)

T  www.nas.edu  (Nat. Academy of Sciences)

T, K  www.ucsusa.org  (Union of Concerned ­Scientists)

K, P, T  www.bonus.com

K, P, T  www.encyclopedia.com

K, P, T  www.myreportlinks.com


T  www.arctic-council.org

T  www.nativeknowledge.org

Sustainable Development

T  www.iucn.org  (livelihoods and landscapes)

P, T  www.heifer.org  (Heifer Int.)

P, T  www.worldlandtrust.org

U.S. History, Revolutionary War

K, P, T  www.ushistory.org

K, P, T  www.fieldtrip.com

T  www.school.discovery.com/lessonplans

K, P, T  www.timeplace.org

K, P, T  www.revwar.com

K, P, T  www.cr.nps.gov/seac/links3 (Archeology & History links)

K, P, T  www.americanhistory.si.edu/notkid/index

T, K  www.cpluhna.edu  (Land use history-Col. Plateau)


T, K  http://volcano.und.nodak.edu

T, K  www.volcanoes.com

T, K  www.geology.sdsu.edu/how_volcanoes_work

T, K  http://.ga.water.usgs.gov/edu

K, P, T  www.groundwater.org


Wilderness Issues

T  www.leopold.wilderness.net  (Scientific leadership to sustain wilderness.)

P  www.action.leaveitwild.org  (Campaign for America’s Wilderness)

P  www.wilderness.org  (Wilderness Society)

www.ourcolorado.org  (Colorado Environmental Coal)

World Heritage Sites-U.S.

T  www.cr.npa.gov/heritage/areas

Yellowstone Coalition




www.yni.org (Yosemite Institute)

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