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Lori and Jeff Yanuchi

Ranger Trails: Jobs of Adventure in America's Parks
Lori and Jeff Yanuchi.

Running with the Big Dogs: A Sled Dog Puppy Grows Up
in Denali National Park, Alaska

by Lori Yanuchi

Authors Jeff and Lori Yanuchi have over twenty-one seasons experience as national park rangers between them. Jeff had worked as a seasonal park ranger for fifteen years in seven different parks. Lori worked as a ranger with the sled dogs at Denali National Park for six years.

With twin sons Stony and BJ, and thirty hard working Alaskan huskies, Lori and Jeff operate Denali Dog Freight Expeditions. Their unique business delivers mountain climbing gear by dog team for the climbers attempting the north side of Mt. McKinley.

"The Canine Sherpas of Mt. McKinley" are the product of Jeff and Lori's passion for sled dogs. They developed their own kennel of freighting dogs specifically suited for mushing in the extreme conditions of the Alaska Range.

Visit Lori and Jeff at www.denalidogfreight.com

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